I've wanted to create a blog for a long time. But I've had a lot of trouble just getting started. Which blog system to choose. Should you go with a prebuild CMS like Joomla! or roll your own. Comparisons are long and difficult. Result usually being that I got lost in the details of the implementation and forgot the fact that it's about the content. The actual words you put down. The tools themselves are far less importment and may even be a distraction from producing the content.

In Ghost there are no distractions.

Today I've started using Ghost and I really like it. It's very simplistic. Very few options and creating content is simply writing it in markdown with the result being immideadly visisble via a live previewer. You don't get distracted by lots of buttons, enticing you to consider picking a different font, colour or other unimportment details. Later on you can always change the font of your text in the css, it's not something you should worry about when writing. When you're writing you should just think about whatever it is you're writing about.

Ghost. Consistent simplicity.

I've seen other blog systems, with simple editors to add content. But Ghosts stands tall about them due to it's consistent attention to simplicity and clarity. Installing it is trivial.

curl -L https://ghost.org/zip/ghost-latest.zip -o ghost.zip  
unzip -uo ghost.zip -d ghost  
cd ghost  
npm install --production  

And that's IT!!

No lengthy setup with databases or similair. It's just a few shell commands and you're ready to go. Brilliant.

Ghost even has simple static files.

All backend files used by ghost are short, clear and well documented. Additionally ghost uses handlebars to compile the css, making it far more readable. It was very simple for me to start changing a theme to fit my needs. I didn't need to trawl through dozens of of files or try to decrypt cryptic messages. I could just start to work.

Ghost simply works. No bells, no whistles just strong craftsmanship.