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Andreas Damgaard Pedersen

Full stack developer and aspiring entrepreneur.
Using my powers of creation to make the world a better place.

A non-profit organisation fighting for the economy, by more efficiently utilizing cars through carsharing.

The system is built using Python, Django, Nginx, Celery, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, JQuery and AWS.


The Keepcalm-o-matic

You got creativity? This site takes that creativity, crunches it through our engines and out comes a brilliant poster that you can get printed on any number of products. Regular posters, mugs, tshirts and a whole host of other stuff.


Python Reddit API Wrapper

The number #1 wrapper across all languages to wrap the frontpage of the internet into a format easily readable by applications.

Source Code PyPi Package Documentation


What's better than cat gifs? Easily fetched cat gifs that's what! This project delivers just that. Providing a smooth API to the Imgur API, it makes it easy for programmers to write applications that interact with Imgur.

Source Code PyPi Package Documentation

Rød Fest

Have fun with a good conscience. Rød Fest holds parties where the profits go directly to deserving charities.

As CFO I was the main interface to our suppliers, drafted the budget and was the second-in-command during the party and took on the spot decision on how to deal with any crisis that came up.

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